A multi-site model evaluation project for urban areas

Phase 2 Phase 1 Download project protocol
Mathew Lipson (UNSW), Sue Grimmond (Reading), Martin Best (Met Office),
with observational and modelling participants.
file CLMU_AU-Preston_d2_1_CLMU5_AU-Preston_detailed_v2.nc
time_period_freq minute_30
PFT_physiological_constants_dataset clm5_params.c171117.nc
Initial_conditions_dataset arbitrary initialization
Surface_dataset surfdata_1x1_PLUMBER_detailed_TEST4_simyr2000_c200722.nc
version release-clm5.0.34-2-ga2989b04
username oleson
hostname cheyenne
history created on Fri Feb 12 12:15:36 MST 2021
Conventions CF-1.0
additional_data None
site_experience Yes
repository https://github.com/ESCOMP/CTSM/releases/tag/release-clm5.0.34
references Oleson, K.W., and J. Feddema, 2019: Parameterization and surface data improvements and new capabilities for the Community Land Model Urban (CLMU), JAMES, 11, doi:10.1029/2018MS001586.
source Community Land Model Urban version 5 - release-clm5.0.34
model CLMU5
secondary_contact Keith Oleson (oleson@ucar.edu)
primary_contact Keith Oleson (oleson@ucar.edu)
institution NCAR
experiment detailed
site AU-Preston
title CLMU5 model output for the Urban-PLUMBER project