A multi-site model evaluation project for urban areas

Phase 2 Phase 1 Download project protocol
Mathew Lipson (UNSW), Sue Grimmond (Reading), Martin Best (Met Office),
with observational and modelling participants.
file TEB-4.1.0_AU-Preston_d2_1_TEB-4.1.0_AU-Preston_d2.nc
title TEB 4.1.0 outputs for the Urban-PLUMBER project
site Preston
experiment Baseline
institution David Meyer
primary_contact David Meyer
secondary_contact d.meyer@pgr.reading.ac.uk
source Town Energy Balance (TEB) version 4.1.0
references https://doi.org/10.1023/A:1002463829265; https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02008
repository https://github.com/TEB-model/teb
site_experience See comment
additional_data See comment
comment TEB version 4.1.0 corresponds to TEB in SURFEX version 8.1 with a simplified urban vegetation scheme based on time‐constant Bowen ratio and albedo. The namelists used in these experiments are adapted from those compiled by the Météo-France group for their SURFEX-TEB submission.
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