A multi-site model evaluation project for urban areas

Phase 2 Phase 1 Download project protocol
Mathew Lipson (UNSW), Sue Grimmond (Reading), Martin Best (Met Office),
with observational and modelling participants.
file UT&C_AU-Preston_d_v5_1_UrbanTethysChloris_AU-Preston_detail_v5.nc
title Urban Tethys-Chloris output for the Urban-PLUMBER project
site AU-Preston
experiment Baseline
institution ETH/NUS, Naika,Simone,Gabriele,Elie
primary_contact Naika Meili, meili@ifu.baug.ethz.ch
secondary_contact Simone Fatichi, ceesimo@nus.edu.sg
model UT&C
source Urban Tethys-Chloris (V1.0)
references Meili, N., Manoli, G., Burlando, P., Bou-Zeid, E., Chow, W. T. L., Coutts, A. M., Daly, E., Nice, K. A., Roth, M., Tapper, N. J., Velasco, E., Vivoni, E. R., and Fatichi, S.: An urban ecohydrological model to quantify the effect of vegetation on urban climate and hydrology (UT&C v1.0), Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 335–362, https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-13-335-2020, 2020
repository A link to model code repository (e.g. github) if available
site_experience Yes
additional_data No
comment Soil moisture was fixed in the two deepest soil layers to field capacity to replace irrigation at the surface.
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